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The Curly Girl Handbook

Curly Girl: The Handbook (Expanded 2nd edition) - Lorraine Massey, Michele Bender

I really enjoyed this book. 


This book is where the "curly girl method" comes from. I saw a lot of youtube vids, bloggers, magazine articles referring to the method and went out and bought the handbook. While I like to read articles, I'm a big fan on reading source material and getting it from the horse's mouth. 


As an African American who recently went back to my curly roots, or went "natural" as we say, I found this book informative and helpful. She absolutely nailed the struggles and the mentality of "straight hair is better" that a lot of curly girls go through. Doing my "big chop" or cutting off the straightened hair for me was very emotional, as it is for so many. Then again, self acceptance usually is.  Not that I dislike straight hair, I still love it. But it's nice to see yourself as you are and say, you're beautiful just like this.


Shoot, getting emotional just writing this. 


Back to the book! Lorraine Massey, who owns her own salon that specializes in curly hair and is a curly hair enthusiast,  explains in the book how curly hair is structured differently than straight hair and why it should be treated differently. She advocates a "no poo" method which means no shampoo or at the very least sulfate free shampoo. Sulfates are very drying and damaging to the hair. Instead, she recommends you use conditioner to wash the hair. This was not new to me. For the past few years I have been following this, even prior to reading this book, after reading articles about the damaging effects of shampoo. I used a sulfate free shampoo and I did see a drastic difference in my hair. I must say, hair care companies jumped on this and nowadays sulfate free shampoos are easy to find. 


I intend to implement the methods she uses that were new to me. I have friends who say the CG method completely changed their hair.  


This book was easy to read, easy to relate to and gets points for just plain making sense. A definite recommend.