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All Fudged Up

All Fudged Up - Nancy CoCo

First, horrible title.


This MC in this book, Allie McMurphy, is not the smartest cookie in the jar. And I don't think her dimwittedness is intentional by the author, though I could be wrong. She was annoyingly air-headed, naive and showed such bad judgement ( would YOU stay in your house alone after people keep turning up dead there? Seriously?) that the book was almost one big face palm moment.


That being said, this book was a lot of fun to read. The characters are quirky and funny. The dog Mel = my favorite cozy mystery pet in a long while. He is a fully fleshed character in the story - LOVE that. Need more Mel.  Allie, fortunately,  is surrounded by competent people - her friend Jenn and her older friend Fances who will hopefully keep her fudge shop/hotel running while Allie just sticks to making fudge. Hopefully.


The mystery is a standard cozy, Allie takes over dead grandfather's business and one day finds dead body in a closet. Who killed him? Hot police officer investigates, well  - you know the rest. I guessed who did it, it's not hard. Even so, I still found this story enjoyable.


Side note: Almost had to put this one down due to a seance - but it doesn't happen thankfully.