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At the Drop of a Hat

At the Drop of a Hat - Jenn McKinlay

Not bad!  Not as good as the last two,  but not bad.  


This go around, Scarlett and Viv agree to repair a hat for a bride for her upcoming wedding.  The hat had been designed by their Aunt Mim back in the day.  When Scarlett  can't reach the young woman,  she decides to show  up at her place of employment to touch base.  Unfortunately,  she walks  in on the woman in shock next to her dead boss.  And so begins our mystery.  


This book lost a star because the mystery's resolution,  to me,  was bad.  I didn't find it plausible or like it.  


It lost another half star because Scarlett 's whole "not dating for a year" deal is nonsense. Stop it,  stop it right now. 


Honorary mention for annoying things goes to the running pun jokes throughout the book.  Oh my goodness,  no more. 


But the characters I like.  I enjoyed Nick and his partner's  antics. Harrison is charming.  And the newest characters were good too.  


Finally, the mystery  surrounding Viv's behavior, carried over from the last book,  is played out nicely.  Better than the actual mystery,  with a nice stunning cliffhanger at the end.  I hope I haven't said too much,  but I will definitely be picking up the next book,  puns and all.