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A Share in Death

A Share In Death - Deborah Crombie

What a well done book.


Kincaid, a Superintendent (must look that up) at Scotland Yard, is on vacay and while attempting a morning swim, finds a body in the pool. Of course he's pulled into the investigation. He, in turn, pulls his partner Gemma James into the investigation with him. James spends her time interviewing people close to the characters introduced at the beginning of the story, gathering clues and bringing you closer to solving quite the puzzle. Kincaid runs around interviewing what now are suspects and gathering evidence, all the while knowing a murderer is in his midst.


I thoroughly enjoyed this.  The mystery is solid, the clues are all  there, which I liked. No extraneous information that CHANGES EVERYTHING is brought out the end proving you could never have figured it out. After the third "incident" - I'll call it that for spoilers sake -  I just KNEW I had this all figured out. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.


The characters are strong. I like the way you get to know Kincaid and James, both with different backgrounds and struggling with different issues. Definitely makes you want to continue reading to see what happens on the personal front. 


This series will definitely be in my TBR.  Well done.