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She Shall Have Murder

She Shall Have Murder - Delano Ames

Excellent mystery.  Excellent.  First a brief synopsis, not my own:


Dagobert Brown’s always got a new hobby. He's been through Gregorian chant, wildflowers, sixteenth-century French poetry . . . But his latest hobby is murder—or at least, the murder mystery he wants Jane Hamish to write.

Jane is the practical one. She only has one weakness: Dagobert, who exasperates her and intrigues her in equal parts. “Dagobert is my hero,” she says, “but he persistently refuses to act like one.”

Mrs. Robjohn seems like the perfect victim for Jane’s book: a lonely, delusional spinster who haunts the law offices where Jane works, telling everyone who’ll listen that sinister men are following her. When Mrs. Robjohn’s found dead of gas poisoning in her flat, Dagobert won’t believe it’s an accident.

Dragging Jane with him through 1940s London, from pub to nightclub to deserted warehouse district, Dagobert throws himself enthusiastically—if eccentrically—into sleuthdom, determined to track down a real-life killer.



For the first half of the book,  I wasn't even sure there was a mystery.  The woman who died was paranoid,  older and her death looked genuinely like an accident.  Dagobert's reasons for thinking otherwise are not terribly  convincing.  Left me scratching my head wondering where this was going. 


I was also distracted trying to figure out how Jane couldn't see Dogobert was off his rocker.  Dagobert is highly entertaining,  his antics are borderline -  no, they're just plain nuts, but he's so charming that he gets away with it.  Dagobert, no matter how you slice it, is a con man.  A good one.  A funny one.  And he uses his skills  to gather evidence. He is actually a very good detective.  


His banter with Jane is well done and entertaining.  


The mystery itself is excellent! So well done.  About half way  through it takes center stage and I couldn't .put. the book down.  Highly recommend!