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Longbourn - Jo Baker

Oh how I disliked this book.


At one point in the story, the main character, Sarah, upon seeing her love interest after being apart from him for two weeks, is described as being so happy she can barely stand. First she goes to the privy and then after she has relieved herself, goes and sits by James to tell him how much she missed him.


I feel like that passage sums up this entire book for me. TMI anyone? Useless information you have no idea why it's being included is strewn all over this book. I guess to make you  understand just how it was back then. But, no one picks up Pride and Prejudice thinking that's how things REALLY were back then, so what's the point?


I knew I disliked this book when we were on the lines of the English war with the French, seeing the atrocities committed by English soldiers, and appalled at the horrors - wait - what does that have to do with P&P  you ask?


Exactly. I felt like this book was one huge gimmick. This same story could have been about any group of servants in any house during that time period, putting them at Longbourn was a gimmick. In fact, when Elizabeth and company appear on the page it's almost intrusive. Nothing gels. She takes liberties with the characters, so if you are an Austen purist - do NOT pick up this book. Run the other way. Quickly. One such liberty- the big one to provide your twist two-thirds of the way through, angered me. 


In conclusion, though the writing was well done, I did not enjoy this book.  It was depressing. It was too long. It messed with one of my favorite books.