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A First Date with Death

A First Date with Death (A Love or Money Mystery) - Diana Orgain

This book definitely gets points for originality and also for being a quick read. 


First a quick synopsis. Georgia is a former lost-her-job-in-disgrace- police officer that goes on a Bachelor-like reality show, only with a twist. Half the men she dates are looking for love while the other half are looking for money. If the man she picks at the end of her "journey" is looking for love - they go on an all expense paid trip and split the prize money. If he was only there for the money, the guy gets to keep the money for himself.  At the rose- I mean champagne ceremony the eliminated guys have to say if they were in it for love or money. They have each video taped their intentions prior to going on the show, so no changing your mind. Quite a few of the chapters open with snippets from the guys' videos that state their intentions. I liked that.  You then can use the information to figure out who is the mystery's culprit.


The cozy mystery part?  People die. How they explain why they continue with the show you'll have to read for yourself. It was one of the reasons I kept reading, so it seems wrong to just spell it out.


The mystery is good, I didn't figure out the culprit. There are built in Love Octagons, squares,um... triangles - courtesy of the nature of the reality tv like set up. But i didn't find them annoying because it's part of the premise. And part of the mystery is figuring out everyone's intentions, especially when Georgia starts developing feelings for some of the men.


If you like The Bachelor, you'll enjoy the many, many references. The obligatory jump off a cliff date, the "I don't know if they're here for the right reasons" moments, right down to the host being called Harris Carlson  who is supposed to be Chris Harrison -  not even a subtle change -   they all made me laugh.   It's clever how the format is blended with a murder mystery.


I don't see how this will continue as a series. I will have to wait and see how they pull that one off. There isn't much depth to the story, it is what it is. But it was enjoyable and moved along very quickly.