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Changing Habits

Changing Habits: A Short Story (A Giulia Driscoll Mystery) - Alice Loweecey

When I saw this series on Henery Press' website, I read it was a series about an ex-nun, scratched my head and passed.


As the wise sport's commentator Chris Berman said, and I'm paraphrasing,  "That's why you read the books!"


I gotta tell you  - I really liked the characters in this prequel novella! I ended it wanting to read more.


The mystery in this one is ok, I figured out who but not why.  But it seemed like this short story was just to introduce you to Giulia Driscoll, her husband  and his large extended yet lovable family.


In this story, someone is stealing from various churches and  Giulia has been tasked with figuring out who. All while trying to pick out her wedding dress and finalize wedding plans. There are some cute "Sound of Music" jokes.


This series is written by an ex-nun who uses her extensive knowledge of the church to her advantage in laying out the mystery.


More books to add to the TBR!


OH - and this novella is free today on Kindle.