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An Irish County Doctor

An Irish Country Doctor - Patrick Taylor

I've been looking for a book series like this for a while. 


I wanted a non-mystery series that follows a group of interesting characters, not too heavy on the drama,  but entertaining.  A feel good story. 


This fit perfectly.  


It's the story of a fresh-out-of-med-school young doctor. He moves to Ballybucklebo, Ireland to work along with a moody,  cynical,  older Doctor who,  of course, under it all has a heart of gold. The town and it's cast of characters were great. You feel completely immersed.  I loved all the quirks. The dialect is thick,  but the book has a glossary for anything that leaves you scratching your head. It's a funny read, a feel good series, a throw back.  


It's great.  


I will definitely be collecting these for re-reads.