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Bury Your Dead

Bury Your Dead - Louise Penny

This book was heartbreaking. Oh how I cried.


When the story starts, you immediately know something horrible has happened. Woven into two solid and concurrent mysteries are Gamache's memories and flashbacks, along with his second in command's,  telling us what happened that has left them wounded and lost. The mystery created by these flashbacks is powerful, overshadowing the others. And yet they all connect at the end, lessons learned from the one painfully being used to solve the others. One mystery is the continued investigation of the Hermit's death carried over from the previous book. A suspect is convicted and put in prison, but recent events have painfully humbled Gamache into thinking a mistake may have been made.


Penny does such a great job creating a town with characters you care about.


I think this one was the best one yet, heartbreak and all.