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Low Pressure

Low Pressure - Sandra Brown

Never read Sandra Brown before and this book was on sale at B&N so I decided to give it a go.


It was... ok.


The gist of the book is the main character, Bellamy, writes a book under a pseudonym about her sister's murder which happened years before. She does it as "therapy" to help her come to terms with the loss. Also because she thinks the guy in jail may not be the guy who did it. Stretching this already thin premise even further is she arranges to give the book to the ex-boyfriend of her sister, who was accused but never arrested, so that he'll know she doesn't think he did it. Ya know, make amends - especially since she had a crush on him all those years ago. Though goodness only knows why she had said crush, cuz Dent, the sis ex-bf,  was such a colossal jerk for the majority of the book it was a turn off. 


The intriguing part of the story was the mystery. Bellamy and Dent ( these names are killing me, KILLING me) try to piece together what happened to see if the wrong man went to jail and the thriller is off and running. There were some nice twists and red herrings to throw you off the trail. What was nice was I didn't guess the resolution,  and it,  unlike most of the book, wasn't a stretch and did make sense.