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French Pressed

French Pressed - Cleo Coyle



My least favorite in the series so far. 


In this installment, you learn Claire's daughter, who is interning to be a chef, seduced and slept with an older married man who happens to also be her mentor and boss. This is not new, the affair is revealed in the last book. But I had half hoped it would be revealed to be a misunderstanding. 


It wasn't. 


Joy, Claire's none too bright daughter,  insists all this is her own business and tells everyone to butt out - until the affair inadvertently puts her in the middle of a murder investigation. Then she's sorry. Coyle doesn't shy away from allowing Joy to suffer some pretty stiff consequences. So there's that. 


Claire is on a mission to solve the murder with the help of her new boyfriend Mike Quinn, the cop we all know and love from the previous books. Also Claire's ex husband makes his obligatory appearance to mess with Claire's head and keep the love triangle alive. To be fair, the triangle has existed from day one, page one. In a way, that makes it less annoying. 


The mystery is ...ok. Nothing earth shattering. 


The ending saved this book, giving hints the book will return to the format I prefer. I like it when its coffeehouse- focused. This venture into the world of Chefs was ok, but I prefer the coffee world.