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An Irish Country Village

An Irish Country Village - Patrick Taylor

I love this series. 


I was so excited after reading the first book I went and bought the rest of the series save one book. I am so happy I did. 


This book picks up right where the last one left off. So much so, some of the issues faced in the first book resurface. One of Barry's patients has died and their relative is threatening to sue for malpractice. Did Barry do something wrong? This hangs over Barry's head for most of the book. Also, Barry's girlfriend is up for an engineering scholarship and winning could take her far away, threatening their romance. And finally Mr. Bishop, the town villian (along the lines of Little House's Mrs. Olsen), is up to his old tricks threatening to take down the town pub. Good ol Dr. Fingal, Barry's mentor,  is on it though, determined to stop him. But how? 


The town's cast of colorful characters are all back, with some new ones. 


Fingal never gets old. He's less cranky but still moody and calling everyone eejit.  My favorite of his antics is throughout the book,   bicyclists routinely throw themselves in ditches to escape his horrid driving. I smile everytime he tells Barry to get in the car cuz you know it's coming. 


I liked the development of the characters, even Kinky,their diligent and capable cook and housemaid, reveals a depth I didn't expect. I was happy to learn one of the future books is dedicated to her backstory.


Solid read. Great series.