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On a Bit of Historical Fiction Kick...

The Blackstone Key - Rose Melikan Birdsong - Sebastian Faulks The Aviator's Wife - Melanie Benjamin The Midwife of Venice - Roberta Rich Into the Storm - Lisa Bingham Paris Time Capsule - Ella Carey

The books that have been really grabbing me lately have all been historical fiction.


I hate to say it but I think I'm mysteried-out for now. No worries, I'll come back them, these things usually work in waves for me.


Into the Storm 's cover is goooooorgeous. 


The Aviator's Wife is my current audio book.


The Blackstone Key is a historical mystery, though I will admit, I did not know it was a mystery when I started it. It is very good so far. I read 50 pages just trying to sample it.


Midwife of Venice is very good. The plot doesn't let up, loving it so far.


Looking forward to all of these.