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Into the Storm

Into the Storm - Lisa Bingham

This was good.  Very good.  


The book is about two women,  Rue Ann and Susan,  both who fall in instalove with two soldiers.  I'm not against instalove,  as long as you sell it.  Here,  I didn't quite buy it. And the plot contains some soap opera type plot points such as twins switching places to fool a prospective beau and the girl running from a mysterious past.


But that was okay.  Because built around all that is solid historical fiction set during the Blitz in London. The descriptions of London and the air raids  were so vivid I was tense reading them. The storytelling is well done and there were some unexpected  twists. I really felt invested in the characters.  I consistently looked forward to picking this book up.  I had to know what happened next. 


Definitely  recommend.  


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.