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The Lost Garden

The Lost Garden (Tales from Goswell) - Katharine Swartz

 Meh - not bad.  


This is a dual time line historical fiction book.  I normally love those,  I have quite a few in my TBR. This book was OK but it's weakness was I did not like the Mc,  Eleanor, in the time line that followed the war.  She seemed self absorbed and I kept getting annoyed at how much she focused on her own personal  loss when so many were suffering around her.  I chastise myself because loss does that,  so I'm probably being too judgemental.  Right or wrong though, it bothered me. There's a scene where she passes by a soldier handicapped by the war  so she can get to some chocolate she sees in the window.  No guilt til the shop owner explains how hard it is for him to work. This scene jarred me.  From then on,  I struggled to like her.  


The present day time line involved two sisters who lost their parents relocating and coming across a garden featured heavily in the previous timeline.  It was engaging,  but just OK for me.  


In the end,  not a bad book.  But not memorable for me either.  


This book was provided free in exchange for an honest review.