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Thorn - Intisar Khanani

Strong writing makes this retelling of the Goose Girl fairytale an entertaining read. This book completely sucked me in after the first chapter. It's a compulsive read.


This was an intense YA story which follows Princess Alyrra. Alyrra comes from a well... horrible family. Her brother is abusive and her mother is not much better. She is a throwaway member of their family and not worth much in their eyes. My heart broke for her in the beginning. To her surprise, she is betrothed to a prince of a land much more powerful and affluent then her own. She holds no real power, and the King knows it, so it is mysterious why she is being sought out for marriage.


Nothing is as it seems.


I did not know the story of the Goose Girl so all this was new to me. Alyrra is a strong character. I liked that her thinking wasn't always noble, right thinking. It made her relatable.


This book had more magic than I care for, but it's a fairytale so what did I expect? 


For what it was, it was an enjoyable read.


This book was received free in exchange for an honest review.