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Revan (Old Republic #1)

Revan - Drew Karpyshyn

I never read the Old Republic series.  My brothers have and they both raved about this book.  


I understand why. This is good writing,  solid story telling,  and the buildup leads to one of the most tense face offs I've read.  Well done.  


This book takes place waaaaay before Star Wars.  The Jedi are dealing with their own internal issues, the Sith have been defeated many years prior and are believed  to be extinct. Buuuuut of course they aren't, they're actually living undetected in space beyond the Republic's borders, rebuilding their Empire and waiting til the time is right to have their revenge. 


This tension gives the book a great waiting for something to go horribly wrong feeling.  And boy does it ever.  Revan, our kinda hero,  is a game character, these books were written as tie in to the KOTOR video game.  While I've seen cut scenes,  I've  never played the game.  So my knowledge  of him is confined mostly to this book.  His back story is explained early on and clearly,  so there was no confusion.  Here, to make a long story short, he is tasked with trying to stop the inevitable.  


This book also introduces one of the most chilling villains put to paper.  The Emperor in this novel makes Emperor Palpatine from the movies seem like a nice guy who is just a lil misunderstood. This is the villain that makes other villains root for the hero.  It's hard to pull off that kind of villain.  It's well done,  and convincingly so, here.  


Solid book.  Definitely  recommend.