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Golden Son

Golden Son - Pierce Brown
It took me a while to put into words why I am so impressed by this book.
I don't want to talk about the plot line. I feel it spoils the book. I grabbed this book on Netgalley and later purchased a copy because I loved Red Rising so much. So I read no synopsis for Golden Son. And, in my opinion, that's how I feel you should go into this book. You should read Red Rising prior or you will be lost. But reading Red Rising is synopsis enough.
This book is INTENSE. I never had a feeling of comfort, of downtime, of anyone being safe. I can't say I favor that emotion.  But I marvel at the skill it takes to write a book like that.
Also,   I almost DNF'd Golden Son. I had felt so disgusted and hopeless at one point, putting this book down was a real possibility. But as events played out, I realized that emotionally I was right where I needed to be so that when the author made a sharp right turn with the plot,  I was relieved, grateful and excited. If I hadn't been so emotionally low I don't know if I could have been on board with the direction the book went in. Hadn't experienced this before, at least not to this degree. This book is not what I thought it was going to be.
This is a different book than Red Rising.  It's just as good,  possibly better.  It's also darker and grittier.  Which leads me to my next statement...
A YA classification? Really? If Red Rising skated the line, this book hurtles over it. This book was BRUTALLY violent.  When compared to other YA novels it's beyond what is out there. Not that I feel teenagers shouldn't read it, just proper classification lets people know what they are getting into and help them make informed choices. So be wary if you want to gift it.  This book makes The Hunger Games look like a Care Bears movie.
The plot, without going into detail, is relentless. Relentless.
Old favorites return. New friends are made. People die. Nothing goes the way you expect. Nothing.
My advice? Put aside your expectations and enjoy the ride.
Though I later did purchase it, a copy of this book was provided free in exchange for an honest review.