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The Uninvited Guest - Sarah Woodbury

I'd forgotten how good this series is...


This is one of the drawbacks of having a massive TBR - things go to the bottom of the pile so to speak.  I'm too easily distracted by shiny and new...


The "Gwen and Gareth" mystery series takes place in Wales in 1143. I just read that the author is going to incorporate some better known elements of Welsh history in her latest installment and was reminded how much I enjoyed reading the first book The Good Knight. I'm talking read in one sitting kind of enjoyed.


How to describe it? It's a historical mystery series that's more "cozy" depth wise than your typical historical mystery. I would describe it as a historical/cozy mashup. Quick reads, historical accuracy, good mystery and I really like Gwen and Gareth's love story. Then again I've always had a thing for gallant brave Knights rescuing damsels in distress...


So far this one is shaping up to be as good as the first.


Happy reading!