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The Last Bookaneer - Matthew Pearl

... Not for me.  


I read this cuz  Bookpage gave it an interesting review,  saying it was a thinly veiled commentary on the publishing world. This book is about fictional Bookaneers that stole manuscripts from authors prior to copyright laws to make them available in other countries. Spys in the literary world. I think I would have liked this better if it had been from the author's point of view. The story is told from the bookaneers point of view and his sidekick who sells books. Maybe my sympathy lying with authors made me partial and maybe there was a twist that would blow my mind,  but you have to make me care enough to be engaged and stick around  to find out. This book did not do that for me. Instead it annoyed me.  The characters drone on far too long about nothing.  I kept thinking,  get to point already... 


Too many books out there to stick with this. 


It has some great lines though.  And there are some interesting issues raised about the work of authors,  do they own the work or does the work own them...  From the premise and it's clear from the story,  the author is showing how authors are wronged at times.  It's worthy of discussion. Others might enjoy this book.


I got this free in exchange for an honest review, but I also was reading it from the library when net galley approved me to read it.