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The Assassin and the Healer

The Assassin and the Healer - Sarah J. Maas

I really liked this novella for a couple of reasons:


1. You got to see the layers to Celaena's personality, the heart under it all. This one picks up shortly after the last novella. Celaena is in transit, being given an unwanted assignment as punishment for the events in the last story. She meets a young woman Yrene, who is trapped in her environment but longing to go to a sort of healer academy. During the course of the novella, Celaena comes to Yrene's aid and gives her some self defense lessons so she can protect herself in the future - which brings me to my next reason for liking this story -


2. Celaena's self defense techniques are solid. If you've taken a course or studied some form of self-defense you will quickly see the advice she gives is not based in fantasy,  but can be used by any young woman finding herself in a dangerous situation. I think that's valuable, smart and hats off to Ms. Maas for stating some solid lessons in the midst of a popular YA fantasy that will probably be read by quite a few young women ( or men)  who need to hear it and might not otherwise do so.


This story really brought me over to Celaena's side.