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Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

Meh. This one was ok. 


I know this book was just setting everything up and getting all the pieces in place. But it dragged a bit for me, missing something - can't quite put my name on it - that I enjoyed in the novellas. Thankfully, when I started the next book, it felt like a return to the sprit of the novellas so I will continue with the series.


Though I have to say the creepy mystery plot and it's resolution gave me pause. A little more magic than I anticipated. I didn't expect magic to figure so prominently when it barely did in the novellas. I reserve the right to DNF future books if it gets too freaky. I almost did with this one.


In this, the first novel in the series, Celaena Sardothein is rescued from prison by the Prince Dorian to compete in a competition to become the King's Assassin. If she wins, she will have to work four years and then will have earned her freedom. Of course she accepts and our story begins. The King is all kinds of evil and there is some political court intrigue that is handled pretty well. Also at play is competitors are being picked off one by one by someone.  So Celaena has to watch her back in more ways than one.


Celaena becomes part of a love triangle. No surprise as most YA series have one. I must admit, YA love triangles don't bother me as much as when they appear elsewhere. Maybe because the participants are young and it fits with their level of maturity. Maybe I feel adults should be past that nonsense. I don't know. But here it is not handled well and I tired of it quickly. Hopefully that will improve.


I read that Ms. Maas completed the first draft of this story while still a teenager. That makes sense - the writing seemed young to me, while the novellas and the next book seemed more mature.


Overall not a bad read as a setup for the rest of the series.