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The Runaway King

The Runaway King - Jennifer A. Nielsen
Author:  Jennifer A. Nielsen
Series:   The Ascension Trilogy #2
Rating:   4.5 stars
Quick Review: After a sloooow, frustrating start this book got crazy good.

Again, no synopsis for series books past the first one cuz spoilers.


During the first half of this book I was frustrated. Our Sage finds himself in a predicament and becomes irritable. I wanted to give him a Midol. Or suggest an enema. Or just have a word or two with him to tell him to get over it and get cracking on a solution. And by that  I mean a better solution than the one he had for the first half of the book, cuz his original one was just ludicrous. Ludicrous.


Then the old Sage returned who was that delicate balance of smart, sarcastic, overconfident and just downright entertaining and I was smiles again. And the plot got really twisty and unpredictable in a good way. And the ending! I already bought the next book so at least I can read it ASAP.


I'm really enjoying this series.