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A Grave Matter

A Grave Matter - Anna Lee Huber
Author:  Anna Lee Huber
Series:  Lady Darby Mystery #3
Rating:   4.5 stars
Quick Review: A great addition to one of my favorite historical mystery series.

I definitely liked this one better than the previous book. The last one was too angsty. It was good - but angsty.


This book starts quick,  the murder happens and Kiera is all up in it. Gage of course is drawn in as well. I love their chemistry. They have some of the best chemistry on paper IMHO. Every time they are on the page,  amazing.  


The mystery at the heart of the book is solid, I had no clue as to what was going on. People are unearthing bodies and doing what now?  I couldn't make heads or tails of it.


The plot had great twists. I had planned on stopping at page 200 to finish another book but at page 200 something so unexpected happened I had to stick around to find out what happened. Good stuff.


Love this series! Next book is out next week!