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Local Custom

Local Custom - Steve Miller, Sharon Lee

Author: Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Series:  Liaden Universe #5

Rating: 3 Stars


Blurb: Master trader Er Thom knows the local custom of Liaden is to be matched with a proper bride, and provide his prominent clan Korval with an heir. Yet his heart is immersed in another universe, influenced by another culture, and lost to a woman not of his world. And to take a Terran wife such as scholar Anne Davis is to risk his honor and reputation. But when he discovers that their brief encounter years before has resulted in the birth of a child, even more is at stake than anyone imagined. Now, an interstellar scandal has erupted, a bitter war between two families-galaxies apart-has begun, and the only hope for Er Thom and Anne is a sacrifice neither is prepared to make...


This is the first book in The Dragon Variation, the ominbus I picked up last week.


This was a good place to start. Most of the books in this series are said to be able to be read as standalones with a few that are sequels. This wasn't a bad introduction to the universe and it did take some time to get acclimated to the Liaden customs, traditions and way of speaking -  but by the end I was ok. It helped that the story was so simple. Er Thom is expected to produce an heir but is still in love with a Terran,  Anne Davis, that he met years before. Right before he agrees to marry another he goes back to Earth to speak to Anne  and discovers he has a son he never knew about. Clan law demands that the son be taken to the clan - but will they accept him? Will Anne let him go? What about their feelings for each other?


The simplicity of the story did make the book a little slow for me. Some of the politics playing around in the background were interesting. And this book accomplished making you curious about the Liaden world.


Not great, but a good sci-fi/ fantasy read.