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A Trick of the Light - Louise Penny

See this is one of the reasons why I love these books.


I confess I usually read Inspector Gamache mysteries when I'm a little down. Even though you glimpse the darker parts of human nature (after all they are murder mysteries) -  you get these pearls of wisdom, of comfort woven into the narrative.


This book is no exception.


There's a scene where our character Clara is stressing. It's that I-can't-get-through-this kind of stressing. Seeing her panic, Clara's good friend Myrna comes by and, after empathizing, asks her what's the worse that could happen. Clara responds.


Myrna: 'Exactly, all survivable. And then what'll you do?'


Clara responds that she'll go home.


Myrna: "And?"


This goes on until Clara can see past the anxiety of the moment to a calmer, better time regardless of how her present trial turns out. In the end, she feels better.


That's also something they do in therapy as well. From experience, it works.


I always feel better - adjusted after reading these books.


Just though I'd share.


Happy reading!