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As Black as Ebony

As Black as Ebony - Salla Simukka, Owen F. Witesman
Author: Owen F. Witesman (translator) Salla Simukka (author)
Series: Lumikki Andersson (#3)  
Rating: 4 stars
I received this book free from NetGalley with the hope that I would review it. The opinion is purely my own.
Book Blurb:  Update: i removed the book blurb cuz oddly enough, though it was accurate, I felt it was misleading. You would have to read the series to understand...


At only 151 pages, Ms. Simukka had a lot to accomplish in a short time to close out her clever Snow White trilogy.  And wow, did she.
This story was far from predictable. I won't get into the details because the twists involved in the story start as an arc in book one and you deserve to experience those what the WHAT?! moments unspoiled.  Though this book does contain it's own mystery- this book is mainly about finally solving the overall mystery that began in As Red as Blood, the first book.
As Black as Ebony  sped along at a breakneck pace. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to reach the end. Again the Snow White fairytale is cleverly used, though a little more obvious this time. Again this is not a retelling.


All threads are tied up and the choices Lumikki makes as regards her future and her love life fit her character.


Though the series is concluded, I would definitely read this author again.


I recommend the book and the series overall. It's quite the ride.