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Barrayar (Vorkosigan Saga, #7) - Lois McMaster Bujold

This is my current audio book.


Excellent so far.


Some thoughts:


The circumstances surrounding Miles birth, the debate on whether to have a child who more than likely has been damaged - that decision is handled so well. I was emotional and I didn't expect to be. Knowing now Miles' history, how he gets his name, listening to Cordelia's exchange with the grandfather (which had me fist pumping during my morning walk btw) about the name, I'm looking forward to see what Miles accomplishes in further books.


I love Aral and Cordelia's relationship. It's romantic in that it's through actions you can see their love for each other as opposed to flowery descriptions. It's different, I like that. They're a more practical couple and I love when they're on the page together.


I have only one reservation. I know the books in the future deal with Miles which leaves me disappointed only in that I really like Aral and Cordelia and will miss them...