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A Regimental Murder

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A Regimental Murder  - Ashley Gardner

Author: Ashley Gardner

Series: Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries #2


Rating: 4.5


This was gooood. I ended this one and just sat there a moment saying, "Woooow. Wow."


The last book was solid and good for a first in a mystery. This book? This book was a definite step up from the last and elevated the series in my opinion. It was riveting.


This is a series so I won't do a blurb so as to avoid spoilers but I'm going to put a spoiler warning anyways so I can talk about what I liked:


1) Character development. The characters, their lives and conflicts  were woven so strongly into the progression of the mystery that I couldn't decide what I wanted to know more - the mystery's resolution or what happens to Mr. Lacey on a personal front. The recurring villain, Mr. Denis is a great character. He is definitely Captain Lacey's arch nemesis and you can see at some point down the road these two will collide. Mr. Denis' appearances add tension to the stories.  Loved it.


2) The mystery. It's well done. I had a couple of suspects in mind - but then they kept dying so I had to change my opinions rapidly. And I liked that one character from the first book goes missing. Is it tied to the mystery? Where are they? Definitely had me turning the pages.


3) The quick moving plot. This book never dragged for me, something was always happening and you were always learning something that moved the story along. You met characters you knew you needed to take note of - maybe not for this story, but definitely for future mysteries...


speaking of which - onto The Glass House!