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Why Mermaids Sing

Why Mermaids Sing - C.S. Harris

Author: C.S. Harris

Series: Sebastien St. Cyr #3

Rating: Meh. 3 stars



The book before this one, Why Gods Die, bored me. Though well written, I didn't like it. I didn't even review it. I just moved on, hoping this book would redeem the series in my eyes.


This installment was better. Definitely more interesting,  but it wasn't interesting enough for me to read the series any further. While the love story takes an interesting turn in this book, reading Sebastien and Kat's scenes together was like watching paint dry. I am rarely this disconnected from characters. But I am very much so disconnected here. I knew about half way in that this series and I were parting ways.


The mystery even fell flat for me. It was obvious who it was from the beginning even though you didn't have a name.


Not a bad series mind you, just not for me.