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The Whites

The Whites - Harry Brandt

Author: Harry Brandt aka Richard Price

Rating:  5 stars


Blurb: The electrifying tale of a New York City police detective under siege-by an unsolved murder, by his own dark past, and by a violent stalker seeking revenge.


Yep,  this was 5 stars worthy. 


It was gritty. The dialogue was spot on.  The cadence, the choice of words, it was as if you were overhearing conversations on the street. Everything about the story felt authentic. I really enjoyed how layered the characters were- the good were realistically grey. Price's take on NY police officers rang more true than any other novel I've read. Through the entire story I kept thinking, Yep, I can see that happening. There was the pervasive theme of struggling with justice- what is justice? What is the right thing to do if/when the law fails you?  The stalker part of the story was horrifying and tense. I could not put the book down for the last 50 or so pages.


Just a great, great book. If you enjoy crime novels or thrillers, please do yourself a favor and read this one.