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The Winter Crown

The Winter Crown - Elizabeth Chadwick

Author: Elizabeth Chadwick

Series: Eleanor of Aquitaine #2

Rating: 3 stars


I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions are purely my own.


I enjoyed reading this book. It's a solid follow up, though not as good in my opinion as The Summer Queen. While I enjoyed it when I actually picked it up and read it, I was never itching to get back to it like I was with the first book.


That being said, I do love Chadwick's writing style and her attention to detail. She knows how to draw you in and bring characters to life. I also liked how she took crazy historical facts and tried to put some human thinking to them, making them more  believable in spite of the fact they are truth.


Eleanor, in this book, has definitely come into her own and realizes her current husband, Henry, is not what he seemed. Eleanor is a strong character, she has power,  albeit limited by her husband, and what power she has she wields well. 


Definitely recommend for historical fiction fans.