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The Every Other Day Diet

The Every-Other-Day Diet: The Diet That Lets You Eat All You Want (Half the Time) and Keep the Weight Off - Krista Varady

Author: Krista Varady, PhD

Rating:  4 stars


This book is about intermittent fasting. It's written by the woman who actually conducted all those studies Michael Mosley wrote about in his book, The Fast Diet.  I read this book after reading an article in which  Ms.Varady was interviewed and she sounded um, annoyed, for lack of a better word, with Michael Mosley.  She stated that she was asked to write a book on fasting back before the craze first started but she declined, saying she wanted to do more studies first. She felt she didn't have enough information. Then Mosley did his now famous TV special followed by a book on fasting and she felt "scooped". She also stated she didn't appreciate Mosley using her research to support 5:2 ( five days of eating normal, 2 days of fasting) because all her studies were for alternate day fasting wherein you fast every other day. Therefore, she asserts that there is no scientific basis for Mr. Mosley's claims. To her point, she asked and her research has now been removed from future printings of his books. This was all news to me.  So I read the book to get a better overview of the benefits of fasting.


Mosley's way still works, of course, because it follows the golden rule of weight loss -  if you burn more than you take in, you will lose weight.


I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed reading about her studies and learning what actually happened during them, how she changed variables and how it affected the outcome. I believe you see great effects from 5:2. My friends on it have had great results losing weight, as well as saw favorable outcomes when it came to their blood work.  No one has disputed Ms. Varaday has done the work. You can tell the book was done to be a bit gimmicky with an almost infomercial feel to it. I didn't care for that. But I did like reading about the studies.


The book outlined how you would do alternate day fasting. To Mr. Mosley's point, 5:2 seems easier to follow.  I'm curious to see how future studies pan out when it comes to fasting and its health benefits.


You can find a lot of this info on the web, but it's a good reference to have if you regularly fast and want to understand the science behind it.