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Aftermath: Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Chuck Wendig

Author: Chuck Wendig

Rating: 2.5 stars 


Book Blurb: It's entirely too long.  Basically Rebels won,  Empire is annoyed and decided it ain't going no where without a fight.  


This review is going to be short and sweet and hopefully spoiler free. 


First,  waaaay too many characters. You learned about everyone from bounty hunters to civilians to Imperials to the guy who changes the toilet paper on the Star Destroyer. No.  Just no.  It was character overload.  I felt like they attempted to cameo every character who will be in every planned upcoming Star Wars movie ever.  Stop that nonsense. 


The story itself was  drawn out to me and not very exciting.  To be frank,  I was bored for the first half. Cameos are made that got me excited but then those people disappeared from the narrative.  There was an attempt at foreshadowing some big changes, especially at the end,  but they fell flat for me.  I feel like  I gained nothing reading this I couldn't learn from reading the back of Star Wars playing cards.  


Wendig's writing itself was fine,  the story was just... boring... 


I enjoyed some of the other new canon novels- this one not so much.