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Perfectly capturing weirdness on paper... (Read 50 out of 433 pages)

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I cried within the fist 50 pages of this book.


No one died, or got hurt. It's hard to explain.


But I'm going to try.


Sometimes I think we read for the normalcy or to see what is perceived to be normal.  We want to share an experience and feel part of a whole. In books there is defined "crazy" and "normal" usually, the characters tell us by their actions and reactions what is acceptable and what is not. Yet for me there are still moments, thoughts, actions that make me feel alone and just weird. No one has had these illogical thoughts. This is the part of me I need to keep in check and hide. I suspect maybe we all have those thoughts and moments.


This book is different.  Rowell is perfectly capturing a person's unique weirdness, that aloneness on paper in such a relatable way it struck a nerve. It moved me to tears.


This book could completely stink from here on out but I am buying this book. It needs to be in my library at all times.