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Double Strike

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Double Strike (Davis Way #3) - Gretchen Archer

Author: Gretchen Archer

Series: Davis Way #3

Rating: 3.5 stars


Henery Press has a reputation for putting out solid stories. This one is no exception. We pick up with Davis still working at the Casino. All your favorites are back -  No Hair, Fantasy, Bianca, Mr. Sanders,  even her ex-ex-husband Eddie.  Some of those are not their real names but Davis' nicknames are used so frequently I've forgotten the real ones.


The antics Davis gets into are over the top and just as hysterical as in the other books. There's an almost manic nature to them. The best way to describe them is it's like watching a comedy hour where some of the jokes are funny while others fall a little flat. But overall you are left laughing and leave with a smile so you say, "Good show!" and move on.  I don't know how Ms. Archer sustains that level of humor throughout the book but hats off.


The caper this time around takes some time to get going. We were well into the book by the time it took shape.  Then like the other previous books, it got real, really fast. I actually like the jarring contrast. Though there is humor, there are stakes and to balance the two is difficult. I think this book pulled it off but while I enjoyed the humor, I would like to see the serious parts played out more. In the first book it was done really, really well. It made the series stand out for me.


There is progress on all fronts. Davis' personal life and issues are where most of the humor comes from. The cast of characters from her home town are great. The comments about social media, Obamacaring, hashtags were all funny. Though I did have a hard time believing a hacker of Davis' level didn't know anything about hashtags. I guess it's possible.


Overall an enjoyable read. Will definitely continue with the series.