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Practical Sins for Cold Climates

Practical Sins for Cold Climates - Shelly Costa

Author: Shelley Costa

Rating: 3 stars


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Book Blurb: When Val Cameron, a Senior Editor with a New York publishing company, is sent to the Canadian Northwoods to sign a reclusive bestselling author to a contract, she soon discovers she is definitely out of her element. Val is convinced she can persuade the author of that blockbuster, The Nebula Covenant, to sign with her, but first she has to find him.

Aided by a float plane pilot whose wife was murdered two years ago in a case gone cold, Val’s hunt for the recluse takes on new meaning: can she clear him of suspicion in that murder before she links her own professional fortunes to the publication of his new book?

When she finds herself thrown into a wilderness lake community where livelihoods collide, Val wonders whether the prospect of running into a bear might be the least of her problems.


Another Henery Press mystery.  I'm on a roll. Most are on Scribd and I got this one from Netgalley. 


This book wasn't bad.  It's a quick read but the characters are fully developed. You really get inside the main character - Val's -  head and learn what makes her tick. She starts off seeming shallow but as you learn more about her,  you realize she's not.  She actually becomes relatable as the book goes on.


I'm sorry but I have to say this. Worst. Title. Ever. And that cover did nothing to make me want to read it.  Which is unfortunate cuz once you get past all that,  this isn't a bad mystery. 


I liked all the information about ecotourism and this little town by Lake Wendaban.  Ms. Costa did a good job establishing the atmosphere. It  was well done. The mystery was good. I had an inkling who it was but Kept doubting myself cuz I didn't think it possible. But in the end Ms. Costa brought it on home.


Overall not bad, but I can't shake the feeling that if you ask me about this book next week I won't remember much.