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Remember Me Like This

Remember Me Like This: A Novel - Bret Anthony Johnston

Author: Bret Anthony Johnston  

Rating: 5 stars


Arguably  my most surprising read of the year.


I did not think a book that followed the life of a family after their kidnapped son is found could be this riveting. I read every word, I skimmed nothing. This was a powerful, heartbreaking, yet hopeful story. You spend the majority of the book in the families' heads, sometimes reading streams of consciousness. The writing was absolutely gorgeous. The plot - realistic, believable. I wasn't depressed reading this, and I was always ready to put this book down if it made me so.  I think it was because the characters  struggled and fought to work through their fears and challenges. The author did such an amazing job bringing them to life that I felt like I knew truly this family, and was rooting for them  as I turned the pages. I have rarely seen characters this well drawn... just wow, amazing. 


A great book.