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Rebel Queen

[ Rebel Queen Moran, Michelle ( Author ) ] { Hardcover } 2015 - Michelle Moran

Author: Michelle Moran


MIchelle Moran is a consistent historical fiction writer for me. Her books are compulsive reads and I always learn something. I also like reading her historical notes afterwards and seeing what is accepted fact and what was added.


This book was no different. I had heard of Queen Lakshmi but hadn't read anything about her. This book was informative. Her team of female bodyguards were a surprise, their role amazing - especially for the time  The author clearly explains the caste system, customs and also dispels many Western misconceptions that are still held today. Not in a preachy way - but in a FYI kinda way. The story itself was 3/4 easy, I'm learning something, I think that person over there  is a villian kinda story and then the last quarter was heartbreak with a hint of hope. You realize how many incidents were a slow boil to the action packed ending. In this story, you follow Sita, one of the Queen's female soldiers, from her childhood,  to her arrival at the palace and then through war with England.  The scope was ambitious but it was well done. I didn't feel anything lacking.


Side note, I liked how the squabbles were handled in the palace between the female soldiers. The intrigue that happened was well handled. You could just as easily have interchanged male soldiers and the actions wouldn't have seemed out of place. The issues and the problems weren't female oriented, but soldier oriented - if that makes any sense. I respected that. It could easily have gone another way. You couldn't walk away saying - oh that happened cuz it was women involved. Well done.


A definite recommend for historical fiction fans.