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Boy Proof - Cecil Castellucci

Author: Cecil Castellucci

Rating: 4 stars


Quote: "You know you're a real puzzle."


            "I'm not something to be solved, " I said.


I sat down to start this book and wound up reading it in one sitting.  


I enjoyed it.


As I mentioned before, Boyproof was on John Green's list of 18 Great Books You Probably Haven't Read.  It's about a girl who, in the beginning of the story, thinks she can be purely independent and be happy.  No friends necessary, just sci-fi books and movies. When it starts, she has a shaved head, walks around in a white cloak and emulates her favorite sci-fi character.  She is not interested in the boys around her, only in a sci-fi character she has a crush on, so she partially does all this to make herself Boyproof - ergo the title. There was nothing wrong with Egg, as she calls herself, but she so isolated herself that her social interactions were awkward and painful for her.  So when Max comes along,  who is a fellow student unphased by her and reaches out to be her friend, she doesn't know what to do. She is harsh, abrasive. And it's not just him - she's like that with people in her sci fi club as well. It was painful because though the things Egg said and did came out as mean, you knew Egg was a good person. There's some good discussion about lonely vs being alone as well as learning about interdependence.  Eggs's growth was handled well, she didn't change who she was at her core - her talents, her affinity towards sci-fi all stayed the same- she just grew. I liked that message.


I would recommend this for YA fans or someone just interested in a quick engaging read.