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TBR Takedown Day 6

— feeling doubt


I don't know how I feel about today's reading.  I rage-read and listened to  The Shadow Throne just so I could review it and warn others, also to qualify for the two readathon challenges.


Completed Books: The Shadow Throne 


Total Pages Read Today: 234


Running total: 1454 pages


Read book on your TBR for over a year: Nefertiti

Read book out of comfort zone: Old Man's War - Completed

Read first book in series: The Ice Princess - Completed

Read book with a cover the color of fire: The Shadow Throne - Completed

Complete a series: The Shadow Throne - Completed

Read Book from last haul: BoyProof - Completed

Read non novel item: Haven't decided yet...


Tommorow's it! I have tomorrow afternoon free after about 3 p.m. so we'll see if I can finish Nefertiti and read a quick non novel tomorrow. I'm going to give it my best shot. :)