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TBR Takedown Recap!!!! It's over ya'll and here's what I learned...

Nefertiti - Michelle Moran Old Man's War - John Scalzi The Shadow Throne - Jennifer A. Nielsen Pride and Prejudice (Marvel Classics) - Jane Austen, Nancy Butler, Hugo Petrus Boy Proof - Cecil Castellucci
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I'm calling it. I have all these books I want to get to and I'm done reading Nefertiti - my last challenge book - for the day. It's just too dense for me to binge read.  For all intents and purposes the readathon is over for me. So pressure be gone!


First the numbers!


Today's Completed Books: Pride and Prejudice (graphic novel)


Total Pages Read Today: 191


Grand total: 1645 pages


Books Completed: 4 novels, 1 graphic novel


Partially Read Books During Readathon:


Nefertiti, Written In Fire, little bit of Cress




Read book on your TBR for over a year: Nefertiti

Read book out of comfort zone: Old Man's War - Completed

Read first book in series: The Ice Princess - Completed

Read book with a cover the color of fire: The Shadow Throne - Completed

Complete a series: The Shadow Throne - Completed

Read Book from last haul: BoyProof - Completed

Read non novel item: Pride and Prejudice graphic novel


I completed all but one challenge, which I'm happy with. I will continue reading and finish Nefertiti this week, but I refuse to rush it to meet a deadline. I don't want to take the fun out of the readthon.


Things I Have Learned:


1.  I enjoy readathons as long as I am flexible with my TBR. I started to lose my joy a bit when I was forcing myself to read certain books for the challenges. After I mixed it up a bit my joy came back. So I think, from now on, I will just do all you can read readathons like Bout of Books. Though I will say this readathon did get books that were lounging around on my TBR into my hands. And that gives me a feeling of accomplishment.


2.  I won't die without tv. I will confess I did watch a half hour of Steve Harvey on Family Feud during the week,  and my mother turned on American Idol auditions and I stuck around for a bit of that.  Other than those instances and the news, this was all reading this week. I didn't miss the tv.  Work was hectic and crazy busy which left me with limited time, but I spent it reading and it helped with stress.


3.  In the future don't pick dense or intense books for readathons. This mistake was completely my fault. On booktube, there are quite a few videos on readathon tips and nearly all of them advised to pick easy reads for readathons so your reading doesn't drag.  I didn't listen. I now agree. Nefertiti is quite a bit more dense than The Rebel Queen, I should have swapped them out. I kept wanting to rush the book to get to the other reads to meet the challenges.  That shouldn't happen, especially since it's such a solid read.


Highlights of the Readathon:


Old Man's War introduced me to an enjoyable new series, but the crown goes to BoyProof.  This little YA novel was a pleasant surprise. I keep thinking about it after finishing. This book really had an important message about acceptance, interdependence and how to be a part of society without compromise and losing who you are - I just liked it. It will be a book I recommend.


So overall this was an enjoyable experience. I'm glad I did it. But I look forward to picking up some different reads I got from the library and getting back to my book club pick Legacy.


Happy reading! :)