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Lawyer for the Dog

Lawyer for the Dog: A Novel (A Sally Baynard Novel) - Lee Robinson

Author: Lee Robinson

Rating: 3.5 star


This was an enjoyable, quick read about a women who is appointed to represent a dog in a divorce hearing.  I went into this one thinking it would be an amusing, light piece of women's fiction. It wasn't. This novel deals with some emotional issues. The main character, Sally Baynard, is struggling as a caregiver to her mother who has Alzheimer's disease as well as trying to resolve what to do with Sherman (the dog) her new client. What makes this book stand out from others is Ms. Robinson doesn't shy away from discussing the law.  She cites cases explaining how the law works when it comes to dogs in divorce cases. Also, she uses memos and affidavits in a clever way to further the story.  This was different. I liked it. I applaud the author, who is a lawyer, for not shying away from her strengths, using her knowledge and treating us as intelligent readers.


There is a love story in the mix but it simmers in the background. The struggles concerning Sally trying to decide what to do with her mom were emotional, touching and relatable. The resolution to the situation was unexpected but understandable.


I will keep an eye out for Ms. Robinson's future works.  Definitely recommend.