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Lie in Plain Sight

Lie in Plain Sight: A Thriller (Maeve Conlon Novels) - Maggie Barbieri

Author: Maggie Barbieri

Rating: 3.5 stars


I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. My opinion that this was a decent mystery is purely my own.


Book Burb: It's a busy day at the bakery Maeve Conlon owns when she receives a phone call from the high school saying Maeve's employee's daughter, Taylor Dvorak, is ill. Taylor's mom is out on a delivery and Taylor has her own car, so harried Maeve gives the school nurse permission to send Taylor home on her own. But Taylor never makes it: Somewhere between the school and her house, she just vanishes.


Not only does Maeve feel responsible, but she can't shake the feeling that there's more to Taylor's disappearance than meets the eye. So Maeve decides to take matters into her own capable hands. She finds that Farringville has a lot more to hide than most small towns, from the secretive high school girls' soccer coach to Taylor's estranged father and her troubled mother, and she gets to work shining a light on all these mysteries.

Balancing this dark undertaking and her relationship with a local policeman, Maeve will have to walk the fine line between justice and revenge carefully if she hopes to prevail.


This was a tightly written, good mystery. I didn't know this was the third book in a series or I wouldn't have requested it. I don't like reading out of order. But once committed, I dived right in. The references to mysteries in past books made me wish I had read those books first but after a bit I got over it and just enjoyed this installment. A word of warning this book completely spoils the previous mysteries in detail, so much so I did not want to go back and read them knowing the outcome.


Our main character, Maeve, is intelligent and well intentioned but flawed and self righteous at times. This was not a light mystery read, which is a good thing. If you tire of the lightness of a cozy mystery, this would be a nice series to read something a little darker, a little deeper. Maeve's motivations made her relatable, as did, ironically, the mistakes she made as she navigated her personal relationships.


I'd have no problems recommending this book.