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Library Haul

Wicked Autumn - G.M. Malliet The Killing Kind - Chris F. Holm The Kiss of Deception - Mary E. Pearson Between Two Thorns - Emma Newman Razzle Dazzle: The Battle for Broadway - Michael Riedel

So I hit up the library yesterday and wandered the aisles, something I made a commitment to do more of this year to choose books.


The non-fiction books I wanted, I found out I have to order via interlibrary loan, so I just went to the new releases section and picked out Razzle Dazzle cuz the first chapter grabbed me and I have a lil obsession with Broadway.  So that will be my non fiction for the moment.


Wicked Autumn Is a cozy mystery about an ex-MI5 agent who is now a priest in a cozy town in which murders start happening. I chose this one cuz I actually picked up the third book while wandering and the third book was so pretty,  and the first chapter in that book made me want to read it -  but I didn't want to jump in the series midway. So I'm starting with this one at the beginning. It's pretty good so far and has a blurb of approval from Louise Penny.


The Kiss of Deception I've been meaning to read for a while so I grabbed it.


Between Two Thorns is written by Emma Newman. I borrowed it because it was written by the same woman who wrote Planetfall and I love her writing style. I was told it was about mysteries being solved in parallel worlds of Bath.  Sounded awesome. Got it home and  realized it's actually urban fantasy. I'm not a fan of urban fantasy. I'll give it a shot but I'm ready to DNF at any moment.


The Killing Kind -. I got rejected for it on Netgalley and wanted to read it. Saw it and snatched it up.


Happy reading!