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All the Birds in the Sky

All the Birds in the Sky - Charlie Jane Anders

Author: Charlie Jane Anders

Rating: 2.5 stars




After a strong start, this book, in my opinion, seemed to up and lose its mind.  This book, in short, is about a genius scientist, a "witch", a sentient AI, a talking tree, the end of the world, love, science vs magic, is magic science?, talking birds, antigravity, other dimensions, climate change, bad parenting, bullying...


I'll stop right there but I could go on and on. I understood it, I just didn't understand the point. It was well written and I ended it with the feeling of I will probably love a book this author writes in the future. Buuuut this is not that book. There were solid parts of this story, I enjoyed the part in the beginning with the two main characters finding their way through adolescence while dealing with their gifts and how they handled the bullying they received.  The love story was well done. Everything else was "what if, maybe" overload that I just didn't enjoy reading. 


This was a miss for me.