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The Grace of Kings

The Grace of Kings - Ken Liu

Author: Ken Liu

Rating: 3.5 stars


Good story, but didn't wow me the way I wanted it to.


Extra half star because Mata's sword is named "The Ender of Doubts". And that is an awesome sword name. I liked how that name is cleverly used in the book.


Kirkus reviews calls this silkpunk, but upon closer inspection "silkpunk" is a term invented by the author because he felt his book didn't fall into any category.  Genius or Hubris?  Ken Liu won the Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy awards for his work in the past so there's that. But this book is no Hyperion. And not once did I feel like I was reading something that had NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.  But what do I know?  I'm new to reading this genre. 


Enjoyable read, recommendable.  Could have used more female characters.