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Latest Book Haul from Strand Bookstore - 18 miles of books! :)

The Bat - Jo Nesbø The Blind Assassin - Margaret Atwood Anathem - Neal Stephenson Just Killing Time - Julianne Holmes

I visited the infamous Strand booktstore in NYC this past weekend. Ya know the one with 18 miles of books. Loved it. Spent two hours just browsing the aisles and picked up the above goodies. Just Killing Time I bought elsewhere because it's a well reviewed cozy mystery.


As you may have noticed, cozy mysteries are my go to right now. With caregiving being a new part of my life, my brain can't process anything heavy. Cozy mysteries are a great quick, light escape. I'll revisit my sci-fi books soon no doubt. But for now, I'm just really enjoying cozies.


Now I want to talk about the jewel of my Strand store purchases:




I love this!!!!  This version of Bronte's The Tenant at Wildfell Hall includes illustrations and maps - it's just gorgeous. I can't wait to read it. It's almost too pretty to read.