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Friday Reads!

Into the Wilderness - Sara Donati The Winter Rose - Jennifer Donnelly The Tyrant's Law - Daniel Abraham

It's that time of week again. 


Sooo about that library TBR...


I DNF'd three that didn't hold my attention  - Six of Crows, The Wild Girl, and Leviathan Wakes.  I kept Bloodlines and returned the rest cuz frankly, I just didn't want to read them right now.  


So this weekend - which will be spent partly at the beach - I will be reading Into the Wilderness - which I'm halfway through and really liking. I'm continuing The Tea Rose story with The Winter Rose. This book is massive so it will not be traveling with me- it's a book I'l read at home.  And of course I'm still engrossed with the The Tyrant's Law. Loved the beginning of this book - I had been waiting for that opening scene since I picked up this trilogy- I knew it, I just knew it!!! But I don't want to spoil it so sorry if that's too vague. And I like that the author is using cliffhanger- like chapter endings to keep you turning the pages.


Those are my reading plans this weekend. What's yours?


Happy reading! :)